venezia carnevale

[February 11, 2017 – the second weekend]

wine on the streets, carnevale show at the river – seven of us – we rush and rush through the mask-clad crowds of venice and over its bridges and through its murder alleys and distracting streets and arrive too early and leave too soon and see nothing. midnight at the bar, and a night at the most ratchet airbnb ever, and in the morning we pack and we rush and rush through more mask-clad crowds and across the same bridges, and maybe we stop  too many times to take pictures, to take some coffee, to look at pigeons at san marco, to buy masks for ourselves, to get more wine – we arrive and again we see nothing, but i turn to them and i see us, this patchwork group of people assembled from here and there to pass out together during the 5am bus ride and i think i see something.


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