watching a movie in america

I went for my first American movie in America last night. The movie (The Martian) was okay and forgettable with terrible dialogue scoring 0 for plot ingenuity, but that wasn’t it. It could have been any movie and it would still feel the same: weird. Almost trippy, actually, maybe because it was midnight screening and I always feel like the lateness takes me with it to another dimension. The movie has no subtitles because there is no need for it to be subtitled in three languages when people in the cinema speak and understand exactly the accent the movie is in. The movie felt local, even though it was set in Mars. It was weird weird weird. All my life I’ve gone to a cinema to watch a foreign movie, always it’s a foreign movie and always it has to be subtitled, and when it begins it feels like I’m immersing myself in a strange, new, or maybe familiar, but never local environment. A movie was a guaranteed view of another world, and when the credits roll it’s a snap of finger back to reality. But last night walking into the cinema was not that different from walking out into the streets, or even turning to my left and talking to my friends. When Times Square popped up as it always do in all those NASA program movies it was crazy surreal, because that’s my neighborhood now. It’s almost as if I’ve transitioned and now live in the movie. Watching an American movie in America, where is the escapism in cinema?

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