departure of a friend

After all my whining on Whatsapp, our squad consisted of a very sick Yu Chia (who was wearing both a face mask and a jacket and was very quiet throughout – probably couldn’t talk much), a hoarse-voiced runny-nose Janice (who had postponed going to her Granddad’s death anniversary to a later hour – as long as it’s the same date, right?), Xin Yi (who was running late to work, come on Xin Yi you know we were never gonna make your 9am work hour) and an energetic driver who has had only 2 hours of sleep (and was all too happy to hear the alarm go off at 6.30). We tumbled into the airport carpark and got out of the car like the seats were on fire, ran up the elevator and settled down in McDonald’s after spotting our target, with me feeling extremely, extremely pleased with the squad turnout. I really couldn’t, I felt like my heart was going to burst with pride (or exertion from running). The goodbye was a lot less dramatic than the journey getting there, and the rush to cut Xin Yi’s lateness to work later. It’s always like that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I would do it again, but you see, the reason we even did this at all is because we can’t ever. Now I’m back at home, eating Janice’s Oreo cheesecake alone, and wondering, wow did all that really happen? And it’s barely even 10am!

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