atiqah again


I’ve been trying to avoid posey-posey photoshoots because it’s beginning to feel like I’m shooting for catalogues, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but isn’t what I’m looking to document recently. But I didn’t really have a choice in this photoshoot with Atiqah, who, to phrase it bluntly (and to take the whole thing out of context, because it’s more fun that way), flew to my house from KL, took us to Queensbay Mall and started posing like a freaking seasoned model. Must be the American in her. I could do little more than go along, but at least I got Mei to come with us, and the three of us had a very nice 5-minute sit-down on the rocks trying to do romantic shit like watch the sun set over the sea, but of course the sun had to set in the other direction. Oh well.





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