get on the mattress!


Look what came in the mail today! A present! From Michelle!

Today we went out to surprise nmh, who lives so far away that there’s no way one can just casually drop by. It had to be an organized trip. nmh only thought I was coming, so the surprise would be the extra baggage a.k.a. XY and Narmatha.

grilled burger

I stood outside her gate alone, carrying a paper bag of three burgers. XY and Narmatha were supposed to spring out like a bunch of confetti. When she came out to unlock the gate for me, I tried to drop a hint:

-Hey, have you eaten dinner
-Well I bought burgers…BUT THEY’RE NOT FOR YOU
-There are three of them haha
-What! Are you that hungry! (so hint #1 didn’t work)

Then I realized that nmh had locked the gate.

-Oh no! I forgot something!

I ran to the gate and pulled it open, while nmh must be confusedly following me. I tried to act really mad at myself, while pulling out my phone to supposedly call my mom who had supposedly dropped me off in front of her house. The bad acting is easily hint #2. But nmh still didn’t suspect anything.

-Where’s your mom? Is she here?
-Yes. My mom is

I pointed towards a white car from which sprung XY and Narmatha. AND THERE IT WAS, THE BEST PART OF THE EVENING, THAT SURPRISED EXPRESSION. nmh was THE EPITOME OF A STUNNED PERSON. There was disbelief, confusion and disorientation except they must have lasted an eternity on her face. It quickly got pretty worrying. I mean if it were a pleasant surprise you’d get over it quickly right? If you’re still stunned minutes after there must be something wrong. Maybe this was a bad idea. After all, Narmatha has solid reasons to believe that nmh’s mom didn’t like her, and to show up on her doorstep and push her way in would really be the bomb. Maybe she should stay in the car instead, and eat the burger alone. We stood on the compound arguing about it, while nmh was visibly thinking about it, but her mom had already saw us. It was so silly that we only realized how bad an idea it was when we were literally on her doorstep, and that we spent ten minutes arguing about whether or not to stay invisible when it was our voices that sounded the alarms to our presence. We’re really not the most rational bunch.

Anyway, we finally went in, then spent the entire time lazing on the mattresses until midnight. I highly recommend it. Get a bunch of friends and get on the mattress. You get the best parts of a sleepover experience without the time commitment of actually sleeping together. We also spent the entire time trying to separate both Narmatha and XY from their phones. XY had managed to buy a pair of shoes on her phone in the middle of a conversation. These people were so incorrigible that we rolled both of them up in two mattresses, making sure they were wrapped up nicely. It must have been really stuffy in there. Then we put a blanket over them and sat on them for while. After we unrolled and released them, they were still texting, unfazed.

photo 1

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