science fiction

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DSC_0192 DSC_0224
Photos from a happy day, when we bundled all our school things into the car and rolled into the mid-afternoon rain. One of our mixtapes was on, turned up high to drown out the droning of the engine and creaks in the boot. We zipped north where the highways led us under overpasses, and shrieked at the decadence of the fancy buildings emerging from either side. We hadn’t even started and we were behind schedule but it was okay, because this is what all of this is about: a reason for a bunch of friends to drive around the city and crash into a friend-of-a-friend’s fancy apartment, play dress-up to the extreme and explore an otherwise exclusive part of the urban. I felt so drunk, so drunk on contentment that this is how it is supposed to be: yes yes yes everything I want is right here right now, I’m doing what I love and I’m doing it with my favourite company.


Model: Michelle
Post-processing & props : Karu
Everything: Taliza ❤
And thank you Kelvin for letting us in!

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