another sunday afternoon

Yesterday I spent the afternoon hanging out with Joanna whom I got to know through Neopets. My younger Neopets-obsessed self was one day bored of her old guild, quit, and went guild-surfing in the forums, and just happened to randomly join Joanna’s guild. It was a pretty cool guild, I kid you not. Me and Joanna became friends somewhere along the lines of banner-making and petpage-designing. Fortunately our online friendship went beyond the scope of Neopets, although we stopped keeping in contact until last year when, upon coming to Sunway, I remembered that Joanna used to go to Sunway as well. So I searched up her blog, left a message, and met up yesterday. It’s amazing to reflect on how that one click of a link from way back in the past has led to the pretty awesome meeting yesterday.

Our conversations in a cafe led us to SS2 where I bought some velvet backdrop for my pathetically-limited studio shoots. And so today I shot some self-portaits.

DSC_0160 DSC_0154 DSC_0205

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